Community Resource Center

What does CRCs do?


Community Resource Centers (CRCs) have been set up to support and facilitate safe, voluntary and the sustainable return of displaced Iraqis and the effective socio-economic reintegration of affected communities in most affected regions of Iraq. The CRCs have been established in strategic locations and will act as a platform for assistance and interaction between communities and public institutions and will support local populations through an area based multi-sectoral approach.

Service Provider List


The CRCs will provide a medium through which people in affected communities can give feedback on services, challenges they face and their specific needs during the return process. This valuable information will be used to amend programming and improve services that are vital to sustaining safe and voluntary returns in affected communities.


CRCs will also provide Iraqis with a referral service to address their most pertinent needs. The information they provide will be analyzed, categorized and subsequently disseminated to relevant humanitarian actor(s) and/or public institution(s) for further follow up and if required, action. A vital part of a collaborative framework, CRCs will act as a conduit to other actors and service providers that are actively engaged in the returns process.